Preserving Intangible Heritage in Occupied Regions

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    Manana Tevzadze, Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield


This project, implemented by the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield, together with national and local organisations, aimed at mapping, preserving, and disseminating the intangible cultural heritage from the Tskhinvali Region, Georgia. Two episodes of armed conflict (in the early 1990s and in August 2008) that took place in the targeted region, resulted in the displacement of the ethnic Georgian population from the area. The expulsion and forced disconnection of these Georgians with their land of origin, community, and material heritage, has also put their intangible heritage in danger. This heritage - customs, beliefs, oral traditions, festivals, performing arts, knowledge, traditional crafts and artefacts - is rich and multifaceted and have been carried on for centuries, but is largely understudied. The project focused on mapping this heritage and implemented activities to raise awareness, and make these practices accessible for the local, national, and international communities. The research activities involved the displaced communities – through a survey, meetings, and in-depth interviews – and collected data on the Georgian crisis situation, making it available on a digital database. As a result of this project, an anthropological report, an educational program at the DLVMR and three short films have been developed.