Documenting the inscriptions of the historical tombs at Shuhada-e-Saleen Cemetery

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    Sayed Jawed, HAFO Construction and Production Company


Sayed Jawed, through his organisation HAFO Construction and Production Company, aims to document and preserve the inscriptions on the historical tombs at the Shuhada-e-Saleen Cemetery in Kabul, Afghanistan. The cemetery is the oldest and largest one of the city, and the inscriptions of its tombs contain important information on Afghanistan’s past.

The tombs are currently under threat, because of reoccurring flash-floods, and uncontrolled residential construction on the graveyard grounds. Tombs are being damaged or reused, and inscriptions become illegible. To preserve the inscriptions, the project team identified 20 gravestones for documentation (photographic and drawings), preservation (consolidation and protection) and restoration. Inscriptions on these gravestones were translated, and activities will be organised to raise the awareness of the historical importance of the gravestones.