Museum of Traditional Stoves in Kaya

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    Association Culturelle Passaté
  • Collaborators
    Aliph Foundation

Burkina Faso

This project, funded by CER in collaboration with ALIPH and implemented by Association Culturelle Passaté, conducted emergency preservation measures to the stoves held within the Museum of Traditional stoves in Kaya, severely compromised by the extreme weather events (rain) of 2021. The stoves at the museum were constructed by blacksmith families from Doubagolo (Republic of Mali), Noumoundara, Legmoin and the Mogho. Present generations of blacksmiths use these stoves to pass on knowledge of these techniques to younger generations at this site. A combination of the security measures in Kaya, the covid related restrictions on movement in Kaya, and the heavy rainfall of 2020 and 2021 have resulted in the site being put at risk. Some furnaces have experienced extreme degradation and others have already collapsed. The lack of visitors to the site has compromised the eco system that had been sustaining the preservation of these stoves for more than a decade. If the ACP is unable to intervene at the site, they risk losing the heritage permanently and thus endangering the historic metallurgical knowledge that is linked to the site. This project resulted in the restoration of 8 traditional stoves, the stabilization and preservation of 12 traditional stoves, the reinforcement of on-site security measures by 25 protective covers to mitigate risks of water damage, reinforcement of protective walls of the museums and installation of barbed wire. Also, to support educational and awareness raising activities, guided tours, master classes in traditional construction techniques were given to school children and visitors of the site.