First Aid to the Museum of Central Sulawesi

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    Isamu Sakamoto, Tokyo Restoration and Conservation Centre (TRCC)


In 2019 the regional UNESCO Office of Indonesia, together with the Japanese NGO Tokyo Restoration and Conservation Centre (TRCC), proposed the emergency stabilization of the collection of the Museum of Central Sulawesi. The Museum was badly damaged during the devastating 7.4 earthquake and tsunami that hit the region on the 28th of September, 2018. The Museum’s collection holds over 7.000 objects closely related to the diverse communities living in the region of Central Sulawesi. The museum’s collection showcases the history and the Indigenous cultures in the region. The items of the collection, specifically its ceramic collection, have been assessed, secured, documented and properly stored. A team of Indonesian and Japanese ceramic experts collaborated during the safeguarding the collection to minimize the damage and prevent further loss.