Music Workshops of Master Alban

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    Fundación Escuela Taller De Boyacá/ Ministry of Culture of Colombia


In November 2020, the Iota Hurricane caused serious damage to 98% of the infrastructure of the island of Old Providence in Colombia. The island, historically inhabited by different populations from European, African and Caribbean countries, is known for its hybrid culture and specific traditional musical rhythms that have been transmitted from generation to generation. The lota Hurricane destroyed music schools of two important local musicians, which were developed and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. To help assuring cultural continuity of these musical traditions, this project focused on improving the living conditions of the musicians, rebuilding the schools and training the new generations through the music workshops. A local NGO, with the support of the Ministry of culture, rebuilt the traditional houses, which lead to an increase in the employability of young generations and the further rebuilding of the damaged infrastructure in a traditional and sustainable way.