Emergency Preparedness for Mankon Royal Palace and Museum

  • Investment
  • Year
  • Project coordinator
    Ntomnifor Richard Fru, Organisation for Community Tourism and Nature Protection (OCOTONAP)
  • Collaborators
    Gerda Henkel Foundation


This project supported the safeguarding measures of the affected collection at Mankon Kingdom’s palace museum. The palace museum hosts the kingdom’s cultural objects, some of which date back to before Cameroon’s period of colonization. Due to the magnitude of indiscriminate burning and destruction of valuable property in the Mankon area, the Mankon Royal Palace and Museum is in acute danger of serious damage through shooting, fire and looting. If no immediate action is taken, the community may lose its important cultural objects. As emergency preparedness measures, the project proposes the reinforcement of the vulnerable museum wall through a new stone wall, the instalment of a large enclosed metal shelve for the most valuable museum artefacts, the documentation and digitization of the museum inventory (to be made digitally available on the museum website), the training of community security guards and general mobilization and sensitization of the whole community to the long term repercussions of losing this living heritage to the current fighting.