Digitizing the Manuscript Collection of the Great Omari Mosque Library

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    Muneer Elbaz, University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS)


Through digitization, cleaning and providing proper storage 20.000 ancient manuscripts pages are successfully preserved. The work was carried out by 5 local staff members and 8 members from different ministries and NGO's (the trainees were mainly female) who were trained to manage, promote and conserve and digitize documentary heritage during this project. The physical documents are now stored better, in acid free boxes and in a humidity controlled space, and their accessibility was greatly improved. The digital copies of the manuscripts are now available online

The successful result of the project was brought to a broader audience by an exhibition which many students and researchers visited. Because of the success of this project and the quality of the work the applicant has been able to secure two grants for the follow-up project, during which the remaining 31.426 manuscript pages of the Collection of the Great Omari Mosque Library will be preserved and digitised. The follow-up project will start in September 2019.