Countering the degradation of the El-Salamuni Mountain tombs

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  • Project coordinator
    Wahid Attia Moh, Fayoum University
  • Collaborators
    Whiting Foundation


The necropolis in the El-Salamuni Mountain, from the Greco-Roman period, is at risk of being lost. The deterioration over a long period of time has affected the site to such an extent that it was in a critical condition. The damage done was due to a combination of factors i.e. looting, environmental damage, vandalism and disrepair due to a general disregard for the importance of the site.

This project surveyed and documented the site and restored the chambers. Using modern documenting techniques the necropolis was mapped for further preservation. In addition to this, precautions were also taken for the safeguarding of the site in the future and the local community was engaged to encourage ownership, tourism and academic interest in the site.