Conservation in the Library of San Agustin

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  • Project coordinator
    Veronica Davila, Fundaction ConservartEcuador
  • Collaborators
    Whiting Foundation


In April of 2016, Ecuador was gravely affected by a major earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude. The earthquake resulted in 661 casualties and more than 27,000 injured, leaving the country dealing with serious repercussions of trauma and loss. The consequences were enormous for the Monastery in San Augustin, of which its external and internal structure suffered tremendously from the earthquake. The collection of the Library of San Agustin- located on the first floor of the monastery- was most affected as it endured extreme water damage. The collection was at risk of complete degradation and needed to be evacuated.

This project had somewhat of an unexpected impact due to the unprecedented value of the collection. The collection of the San Agustin Library was not well known but after this project has become a recognized national and international treasure. The conservation was executed is well documented and illustrated with pictures, demonstrating the process. This is an exemplary project for CER. There is cause to believe this projects deserves follow up. More collections of this kind are likely in need equally.