Assessment of damage mission to the Ataq Museum

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    Khairan Khairan al-Zubaidi


Due to the political instability and economic crisis in Yemen from 2011 until 2015, the situation has worsened. Extremist groups controlled large areas of the country and cultural institutions fell behind and because of negligence of maintenance, the conditions of the Ataq Museum have become critical and the museum is vulnerable to looters. Researchers from Aden University, about 500 km to the west, requested support in order to assess the damage done the museum and its artefacts.

Dr. Ahmed. A. Bataya and Dr. Mohammed. A. Baelaian have, under coordination of Khairan Khairan al-Zubaidi, director of the Ataq museum, an active scouting project to gain an overview of the condition of the artefacts in the Ataq museum. After the original assessment, there was some minor stabilization done to the heritage to ensure its perseverance.