Training & Mentorship

Preparedness is key. To provide first aid to cultural heritage under threat in an adequate and inclusive way, CER ensures the capacity and infrastructure are in place to support our approach in facilitating locally led responses to cultural emergencies.

We work closely with other cultural heritage emergency organisations to provide interdisciplinary, hands-on training programmes to international heritage professionals. Also, we facilitate knowledge exchange and the development of new cultural first aid solutions. Our aim is to strengthen response capacity and crisis preparedness on the ground, and to create and mobilize new and existing networks to connect people, organisations and expertise across the globe.

With likeminded partners, we explore, develop and pilot new possibilities for internationally tailored training programmes that contribute to a coordinated and efficient response and build a strong and professional field. With this, we aim for enhanced heritage protection and a close collaboration with humanitarian response.

Take a look at our handbooks & toolkits for more information.