First Aid for Cultural Heritage in Areas of Conflict in Africa & Asia

In this programme, Cultural Emergency Response (CER) works closely together with the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH) to support local actors in Asia and Africa to protect cultural heritage endangered by conflict.

Every day, around the world, artefacts, documents and sites recounting the history and traditions of various peoples are threatened or destroyed. In situations of conflict, destruction sometimes results from neglect as resources are diverted to the fight; but all too often, it is deliberate, an attempt to demoralise vulnerable people or destroy evidence of ‘inconvenient’ historical or cultural narratives. The temptation to loot for individual gain or for rebel groups to finance their violence may also be great. Cultural heritage transcends its local roots: it is part of humanity’s story. Once it is destroyed, it is gone forever.

With this joint effort, CER and ALIPH aim to expand the reach and resources available to protect heritage. Rescuing cultural heritage provides hope and consolation to affected communities and contributes to restoring human dignity, continuity and a sense of identity.

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ALIPH is an international cooperation initiative designed to meet the challenge of protecting cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict areas. ALIPH provides preventive protection to limit the risks of destruction, emergency measures to ensure the security of heritage, and post-conflict actions to enable local populations to once again enjoy their cultural heritage.