CER Regional Hub in the Levant

Partner organisation: NGO Biladi

Since: 2022

Countries of action: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq

Overall overview: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq have variously experienced conflict, political unrest, and environmental crisis for many years. In numerous contexts, cultural heritage is actively and targeted and weaponised. Although Lebanon has historically been a relatively stable zone of cultural exchange, the country is currently enduring a catastrophic economic crisis and remains notorious for the looting of cultural artefacts and illegal excavations at archaeological sites – a human threat also prevalent elsewhere in the region.

Extent and sources of risks: High threat posed mainly by man-made disasters and economic and political instability.

Heritage at risk: Cultural practices, archaeological sites, historical cities and villages, museums and their collections, libraries and archives

Main goals and activities:

  • Enhance regional deployable capacities for cultural first aid during emergencies
  • Bolster national and regional capacities in risk mapping and mitigation and emergency preparedness
  • Share best practices in stakeholder training and coordination in disaster response mechanisms

Connect with this Regional Hub

Connect with this Regional Hub

Partner profile

NGO Biladi is an independent Lebanese non-governmental organisation specialising heritage preservation. Created in 2005, Biladi has long been a stalwart of cultural heritage safeguarding in Lebanon and a vocal presence in the international cultural sector. After more than a decade of establishing long-term partnerships with national and international entities, NGO Biladi was uniquely qualified and eager to take on the role of Regional Hub in the Levant in 2022.

Biladi believes that heritage is a basic human right and that raising awareness about its importance and contributing to its protection are crucial for developing and fostering senses of identity and belonging. The organisation is active in two main areas: safeguarding and education. As a Regional Hub, Biladi works to ensure that response mechanisms are well-managed, that roles are clear, and, above all, that stakeholders can reach and rescue endangered heritage swiftly and effectively. Its flagship effort in this regard has been its creation of a comprehensive tiered training mechanism for a wide variety of heritage sector stakeholders in Lebanon